You keep smashing your head against the same wall.

And it hurts!

Individual Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI

What you’re doing isn’t working.

Day after day, struggles and frustrations remain. Challenges in life are frustrating and stressful. Getting up to face the day seems overwhelming.

Nothing seems to change.

Attempts to make changes have been unsuccessful. Practiced, stuck-in-a-rut responses are resulting in the same unwanted, negative results.

Now thoughts, decisions, and actions are negatively affecting loved ones, friends, and family. These unchanging and adverse effects may result in a lack of support or even friendship.

Continuing on this trajectory will result in permanent unhappiness, frustration, and stress.

I know how to help.

Together, we will create a plan to facilitate the changes you desire.

Establishing rapport with a trained professional in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere is the first step in achieving the modifications you want. You are not alone in this process, stuck in ineffective patterns.

Change is possible.

I help you reach your desired goals and guide you along the way. I create a unique, individualized plan to best help you reach your goals. With my support and direction, the changes you want to make will happen.

You can expect many positive outcomes from therapy.

Therapy will provide you with new ways of thinking which will result in more effective decision making, improved communication skills, useful conflict resolution techniques, and best of all – you will no longer be doing the same things, in the same way you always have, with the same unproductive results.

You now will have the tools and techniques to make the changes you desire.

Let’s work together to learn from yesterday’s frustrations and move towards an improved future today.

It’s your decision.

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