After high school, I attended and graduated from Grand Rapids Community College with an Associate of Arts degree. Following graduation, I hoped to attend Western Michigan University for a teaching degree. My plans changed when I met my future husband and I ended up going to work full-time. I worked full-time for the next 12 years until our first daughter arrived from South Korea.

Fast forward… While the kids were in school, I mostly worked part-time at a number of jobs, until I started to work for Kuyper College, which gave me the opportunity to mentor a number of students after hours that developed into a passion that still exists to this day. While working full-time, I decided to enroll part-time there as well and for the next four years took one course per semester and over the spring and summer sessions, until I finished my Bachelor of Science degree with dual majors of Interdisciplinary Studies as well as Bible & Theology, with a Communications Minor.

Four years later I graduated – just one semester before my youngest son graduated from Kuyper College as well. The following fall, I enrolled in Cornerstone University’s counseling program as a part-time student. I completed my degree four years later, while still working full-time, earning a Master of Arts in Counseling.

While I would not recommend taking graduate-level courses, doing practicums and internships while working full-time, it is doable, but not without some sacrifices along the way. Without my husband’s support, I could not have completed this journey. I could have never completed the many long days at work, followed by late nights and weekends filled with homework, without God’s help in providing good health, a supportive husband, perseverance, and understanding employers.

After completing a practicum with Innovative Solutions Counseling in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using neurofeedback, as well as internships at the counseling center of Cornerstone University working with college students, and at Joe Martino Counseling, Grand Rapids, I passed my State Counseling test and I worked as an LLPC at Joe Martino Counseling-Grandville & Lowell offices, and at Creative Solutions Counseling in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my clients and found the work challenging but extremely rewarding as well. Upon completion of the required hours necessary for the full licensure, I received my LPC license.

In January of 2019, I stepped out in faith and opened my own counseling practice on the northeast side of Grand Rapids. My practice is located at the New Point Counseling location, 5242 Plainfield Ave NE, Suite C, known as Kodde Counseling LLC with the DBA: Begin Anew Counseling. I look forward to working with you at this location.