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Step forward with hope, into a better relationship.

Couples Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI

Stuck in the Rut

You’re unhappy, dissatisfied, and firmly entrenched in the same thoughts and patterns of interaction that bring you frustration, stress, and anger.

This relationship has become stagnant and is no longer bringing you the joy it once did.

But you don’t know how to change things.

Not making a change means you stay stuck.

You realize you can’t change your partner, but maybe you don’t even know how to make changes for yourself.

Without changing your thoughts and actions, your results will remain the same.

But, doing something different takes courage.

Why is it so hard?

Maybe no one taught you how to set healthy boundaries, to deal with anxiety, frustration, and sadness.

Perhaps no one demonstrated ways to set goals and to make a plan for your future.

It’s not too late to learn.

As a Gottman-trained Couples Therapist, I can help you learn these skills and find new options.

Relationships are difficult, as unique individuals do not think and act exactly alike.

And each of us tends to think that our way of interacting is the best way.

Marriage is the most significant relationship you will ever enter.

It’s important to be well prepared as you embark on that journey.

Whether you are looking for pre-marriage counseling or help to improve your relationship, you are not alone.

Counseling can help both of you prepare to bring your best to the relationship.

Support You Can Trust

Together, we will create a plan to facilitate the changes you desire.

You will build an unshakable relationship by establishing emotional security, as well as improving communication and conflict resolution skills.

You can move from where you are to where you want to be.

Eliminate old communication styles while learning new thought and action patterns, so you can change your relationship, life trajectory, and results.

Let’s work together to develop the skills that will help you move toward a better future today.

Change is possible. It’s your decision.

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